There’s a world of ways to unplug

As more and more of us seek ways to disconnect from our digital lives, a wealth of offline opportunities to switch off and reboot have emerged. By seeking out the very best, we provide you with a benchmark source of where and how to casually unplug and recharge, be it for a moment, a day, or a week.


Our platform gathers the world’s leading destinations, hotels, retreats, restaurants, and experiences for you to discover and explore. Be it a full on digital detox, an off-grid adventure, a screen-free nature fix, or just some blissfully unplugged time out, we’ve got you covered.


  1. Switching off to recharge from time to time is a healthy habit we can all benefit from
  2. Everyone should have an offline destination or ritual where they can truly relax
  3. Disconnect to reconnect with the present moment and the things that matter
  4. Unplugging from our digital lives gives our daily routine a productive boost
  5. A digital detox is flexible and can be achieved with a desired level of disconnect
  6. We unearth, then curate, only best experiences for your digital timeout
  7. We love technology, in moderation

Who we are

Offline Destinations was created by two lifelong travelers hailing from different hemispheres – united in their passion for off-the-grid adventure. Combining backgrounds in design, digital marketing, and extensive travel, Carmine and Julia, joined forces in their home of New York City, to build a platform that connects the digitized community with a world of ways to unplug.

OD Founder, Carmine Savarese, is an Italian creative director and travel tech entrepreneur based in New York City. His tech-free childhood in the remote Tuscan countryside, inspired a lifelong pursuit of off-grid adventure that’s taken him to over 50 countries and counting. Following his first travel start-up success, comes Offline Destinations, born from Carmine’s desire to connect other digital citizens with the best ways to take timeout from tech, reconnect with what’s important, and emerge recharged.

OD Co-Founder, Julia Ingall, is an Australian copywriter with an entrepreneurial streak and a thirst for adventure. She’s lived in Sri Lanka, made a home in New York City, and travelled extensively abroad to photograph and review hotels for a leading US travel brand. Julia’s fondest memories are of times and places removed from technology’s grasp, and her travels are driven by this sense of immersion, which consistently sends her home recharged, refreshed, and ready to take on the world (which has always kept turning her absence).

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Offline Destinations is proudly headquartered in Brooklyn, NY