Dine Offline at These Unplugged Foodie Havens

With award-winning restaurants starring farm-to-table ingredients, stunning views, and chilled out ambience, foodies won’t be able to resist these off-grid resort destinations. You might not be able to post an Instagram story of your stunning cuisine at these tech-free zones, but that’s the whole idea: to savor each mouthful, soak up the surrounds, and give full attention to your company without the distraction of digital devices.

1. Feast unplugged at Turtle Island

Offline breakfast on the beach
Photo courtesy of Turtle Island

Fiji’s Turtle Island has everything a foodie could possibly crave. Firstly, there is an onsite organic garden and an array of dining options immersed in gorgeous views. Moreover, choose from a sunrise breakfast, private beach picnic, candle-lit dinner on a floating pontoon, or dinner under the stars. Every meal is an unforgettable experience at Turtle Island. Secondly, there is the unmissable weekly “lovo.” Lovo is a traditional Fijian underground oven that cooks up a shareable feast of local meat, fish and vegetables.

2. Dine offline at River’s End Inn & Restaurant

Beautiful views from an unplugged restaurant
Photo courtesy of @gregkubik_dp on Instagram

Originally built as a restaurant, River’s End Inn is a celebration of food and fine Sonoma wine in spectacular nature surrounds. Breathtaking views of the sunset over the Russian River are the highlight of this dining experience, but the food could just as easily be the star of the show. Based on what local purveyors can provide, Chef Martin Recoder curates an eclectic, seasonal menu that celebrates the local region. It is located in wine county of Sonoma, California so, connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike will be delighted with the extensive wine selection to accompany their meal.

3. Feast unplugged at Miraval Austin

Dine offline with cooking classes and healthy eating
Photo courtesy of Miraval Austin

Meals at Miraval are designed for health-conscious foodies. Fare here is always fresh, local and nutritious. Above all, Miraval’s “Conscious Cooking” philosophy encourages guests to be mindful of the production, preparation and consumption of the food they’re eating. At the resort’s restaurant, Hilltop Crossing Kitchen, deliciously healthy meals come with soothing Lake Travis views. Further, for guests eager to maintain healthy eating beyond their stay, there are workshops at Miraval’s educational culinary facility. During these lessons, instructors teach guests to create healthy meals that don’t compromise on flavor.

4. Dine offline at Little Palm Island and Resort

Dine offline in a romantic beach setting
Photo courtesy of Little Palm Island

The Little Palm Island Resort knows how to appeal to food lovers in the mood for romance. It has an award-winning restaurant simply called “The Dining Room.” Also, there are private beach dinners, and charming gazebo meals. The resort invites guests into the kitchen with the five to seven-course, Chef’s Table experience. In conclusion, starry night skies, turquoise water daytime views, and exceptional attention to detail ensure every Little Palm meal will linger in your memories forever.

5. Feast Unplugged at Clayquot Wilderness Resort

A beautiful presentation of food
Photo courtesy of Clayquot Wilderness Resort

Executive Chef Michael Pataran and his team have created a menu of contemporary, sustainable cuisine at The Cookhouse, at British Columbia’s Clayquot Wilderness Resort. Similarly, the menu is created almost entirely from locally foraged and harvested ingredients. Therefore, meals truly allow diners to ‘taste’ this pristine region of Canada. In addition, for more adventurous eaters, the nine-course “Faith” tasting menu is a journey for tastebuds, in conversation with the chef.

6. Dine offline at Greyfield Inn

Connecting over a meal while dining offline
Photo courtesy of Greyfield Inn

For exquisite coastal Southern fare, get to the Greyfield Inn on Georgia’s Cumberland Island. Menus are guided by the season’s and whatever is flourishing in the onsite, organic garden. The inn provides lunch as a picnic for guests to take with them to any location on the island. When the dinner bell rings, guests flock to a shared table for a sustainably-sourced, three-course meal bursting with local flavor – and the opportunity to mingle. Likewise, the Cocktails are crafted to perfection and inspired by Southern heritage. Additionally, wine pairings are available.

7. Feast unplugged at El Silencio Lodge and Spa

Food presented beautifully at a offline dining destination
Photo courtesy of El Silencio Lodge and Spa

Led by Chef Maria Cordero, is the Las Ventanas Restaurant at El Silencio Lodge and Spa, hidden away in the lush Costa Rican mountains. Ingredients are organically grown in the lodge’s own mini farm and 5,000-square-foot greenhouse. Consequently, the vibrant menu combines Costa Rican flavors and seasonal ingredients. A true escape for the senses, diners can gaze through floor-to-ceiling windows to the cloud tropical forest surrounding the lodge.

featured photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash


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