Ditch Your Phone & Recharge at These Eco-Luxe Retreats

Satisfy your wanderlust in eco-friendly style at any of these nature-conscious travel spots, designed to disconnect you from modern madness, and  reconnect you with what’s important. A sleek hideaway in untouched Patagonia, a blissed out Tulum B & B, or a Bahamian island wonderland, wherever you choose, just leave the phone charger at home. With no televisions, limited Wi-Fi, and zero cell service, nature becomes the star of the show at these eco-savvy retreats, and a leave-no-footprint philosophy maintain the magic. Time to recharge YOUR batteries?

1. Recharge at Tiamo Resort

Photo credit: Tiamo Resorts

This secluded Bahamian hideaway is where laidback water lovers come to get their Caribbean sun and fun fix. Accessible only by seaplane or boat, Tiamo unfolds along four-or-so miles of private palm-fringed beachfront. Its 13 thatched-roof, eco-savvy rooms and villas come with composting toilets, solar-powered electricity, thermal-heated hot water, and comfy king beds dressed in hemp and organic cotton linens. Eco IQ aside, Tiamo is also gateway to a water wonderland once explored by Jacques Cousteau himself. Snorkel or dive through mesmerizing underwater scenes, or paddle over them in glass canoes. Between guided island nature tours, sea-inspired spa treatments, the stunning beachfront infinity pool, and haute Bahamian cuisine, there are plenty of reasons to keep devices at bay – though the hefty daily Wi-Fi fees alone will inspire just about anyone into a digital detox.

2. Recharge at Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa

Photo credit: Tierra Patagonia

Patagonia is one of three boutique family-run eco lodges that put Chile on the luxury adventure travel map. The all-inclusive Patagonia is a design lovers’ dream in its own right — an undulating snake-like lodge that would look out of place if it weren’t for its equally as otherworldly surroundings. Perched next to the waters of Lake Sarmiento, sleek glass-walled construction and understated interiors emphasize an ever-changing nature spectacular on show outside. Expert guides tailor excursion plans with anything from horseback rides, to stargazing tours, to catch-and-cook fly fishing, while organic spa treatments star natural Chilean ingredients like volcanic mud and desert herbs. Every element of Tierra Patagonia’s design and daily operation is driven by its conservation mindset, from the “wind-swept” inspired architecture that silhouettes the landscape, through nurturing local vegetation, and leading the way in renewable energy and reforestation projects.

3. Recharge at Casa de las Olas

Photo credit: Casa de las Olas

Tucked away on a private, pristine stretch of Tulum beachfront, Casa de las Olas has managed to retain its old school Tulum charm that feels worlds away from today’s Tulum scene. Privately nestled beneath an orchard of palms, it’s also moments from the entrance to over one million acres of Biosphere Reserve. With its zero-footprint approach, Casa de las Olas gives Tulum’s proud eco ethic a benchmark to aspire to. Just seven airy beachfront suites guarantee a low key vibe. Made-from-scratch breakfast served under the palms is included. Forget about packing pretty much anything with a plug at this 100% solar-powered property, which is architecturally designed for natural cooling, and made for switching off. Untouched beachfront, caves, fresh water springs, and the world’s second largest coral reef, all await at the Casa de las Olas doorstep.

Cover photo credit: Tierra Patagonia


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