Off-The-Grid Retreats Perfect for Yogis

These eight destinations are centered around relaxing, unplugging and rejuvenating. Accordingly, yoga classes are a crucial feature of these off-the-grid retreats. Classes are perfect for all kinds of yogis: those who don’t know the difference between chatarunga and savasana; and those who’ve mastered Eka Pada Koundinyasana I. In other words, all skill levels are welcome at these offline escapes.

1. Flow at Chiva Som

Woman meditating on a platform
Photo courtesy of Chiva Som

At Chiva Som, they believe that a person’s “Mind, Body and Spirit must be given equal care and attention.” Therefore, yoga and wellness activities are plentiful at this tech-free sanctuary. Guests can choose from multiple yoga retreats, such as the Emotional Well-Being and the Yoga for Life retreats. Kamlesh, the yoga instructor, will guide yogis through flow, power, Hatha and Ashtanga classes. Kamlesh can also help individuals decide which class is most conducive to their goals and skill set.

2. Practice at &Beyond Mnemba Island

people doing yoga on the beach at sunrise
photo courtesy of &Beyond Mnemba Island

At &Beyond Mnemba Island, yoga is not the focus, but a feature. This means guests can choose how challenging or easy they want the class to be. Classes are taught on a platform with a palm-frond roof, or on the pristine white-sand beach at this getaway. Consequently, music is replaced by the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Yogis here can watch the sun peak above the horizon as they flow through their vinyasas.

3. Focus at Post Ranch Inn

woman doing yoga on a rock overlooking the ocean
photo courtesy of Post Ranch Inn

Post Ranch Inn describes itself as “a sanctuary for the soul,” so relaxation is an essential part of every guest’s time here. Unending views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush forest that surrounds the inn, inspire guests to truly unwind. Yoga is offered each morning, so guests can begin their day with mindful practice. Also, private yoga and meditation sessions are available. In short, this cliffside hideaway is an ideal place for yogis to find zen in nature.

4. Move at El Silencio Lodge and Spa

yoga platform overlooking the forest
photo courtesy of El Silencio Lodge and Spa

Nestled in the Costa Rican mountains, El Silencio Lodge and Spa is, above all, about reconnecting with oneself and nature. Yoga is a key part of that. The views and sounds of the dense tropical forest that surround the open-air Yoga Deck allow for complete focus. Also, off-the-grid retreats (no tech!) for yoga are on offer at El Silencio Lodge.

5. Practice at Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa

Women doing child's pose in a studio
Photo courtesy of Miraval Arizona

The mindful approach to wellness at Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa of course includes multiple types of yoga classes. For example, The Celestial Yoga class takes place on an outdoor yoga deck at dusk to further connect yogis to nature. The Aroma Flow class is an intermediate level session focuses on aromatherapy and vinyasa flow. Aerial Yoga and Prana Vinyasa Flow classes are provided for advanced yogis to improve agility and release tension. Yoga classes for all levels, such as Aroma Essence, Yoga Stretch, and Yoga Essentials, are great ways for beginners and experienced yogis alike to practice. Overall, there are 28 types of classes offered at Miraval.

6. Relax at Playa Viva

Two people doing a partner pose on a yoga platform
Photo courtesy of @playaviva on Instagram

Participate in a yoga or meditation retreat, join a morning yoga session, or organize a private yoga lesson at Playa Viva. Unspoiled by modern amenities, such as televisions and phones, yogis can be at peace. The Yoga Platform overlooks the ocean for a serene and tranquil environment. The soothing sounds of the waves crashing on the beach will aid each guest in finding daily peace and inner calm.

7. Focus at Petit St. Vincent

Two women doing tree pose on a platform on the beach
photo courtesy of Petit St. Vincent

For those who prefer yoga as one of many activities, versus the sole reason for a getaway, Petit St. Vincent is the perfect place for off-the-grid retreats. With two al-fresco yoga pavilions and two on-site instructors, this oasis is sure to meet every yogi’s desires. One platform is beachfront, while the other is built up with views of Conch Bay. Feed off of other’s energy in a group session or enjoy a private session to get more individual focus.

8. Relax at the Mandarin Oriental New York

Woman meditating in a room with gold walls with light shinning through.
Photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental

Yoga classes, along with meditation, visualization and Reiki sessions, are available at the Mandarin Oriental New York. Unplug and relax in the middle of New York City with Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga classes. For 50 or 80 minutes, guests can forget about the buzzing city around them for a restorative yoga session. Meditation and visualization sessions are all about learning to breathe and focus to let go of stress.

featured photo courtesy of Kike Vega on Unsplash


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