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Offline Destinations provides the hyper-connected world with a selection of top hotels, accommodations, escapes, and experiences conceived from the need to digital detox and take time out from tech. Unplug from your digital routine at your own pace, with the level of connectivity you desire, for a moment or a month. It could be a staycation in Sydney, an off-grid adventure in Brazil, or an hour of calm in New York City. Disconnect to reconnect.


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The Offline Factor


Properties are for those who truly want to unplug and have no need or desire to be digitally connected, or exposed to tech. Cell coverage and Internet access are absent altogether in rooms and common areas. Accommodations lack televisions, telephones, and radios. In some cases, an on-site office may offer an emergency landline, computer, or Internet connection, but the property or area is otherwise off-grid.


Properties are partially connected, but the philosophy is to switch off, or at least limit accessibility to tech. For instance, Wi-Fi may be available in designated areas such as a lobby or guest lounge, but not in rooms or common areas. In other cases, rooms may be connected with Wi-Fi, landlines, and cell coverage, while digital devices are banned from common areas.


Properties are fully connected with cell service, Wi-Fi, and tech features like in-room televisions, however they offer offline activities, treatments, retreats, or digital concierge services designed to give guests a break from their connected worlds. Perfect for those who need to be “online,” but crave the ability to take unplugged timeout at their discretion.

Offline Factor

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