Unplug and Chillax at These Blissed Out NYC Spots

Need somewhere to unplug and escape from the hustle and bustle of NYC?  Here are some little-known offline destinations that will make you press pause on the chaos, get off-the-grid for a moment, and may even transport you to another world – without stepping foot outside the city.

1. Take a breather at Montauk Salt Cave

90 East 10th St, New York, NY – 212 677 7258

A bona fide cave made entirely from pink Himalayan salt has made its way from Hippocrates himself, to modern day East Village. Derived from Greek halos, meaning “salt,” halotherapy has been practiced for millennia as an alternative treatment for a host of ailments from asthma, to allergies, to the common cold. The all-pink cave literally surrounds “patients” with tons of healing salt  (it’s even pumped into the air). All you have to do is sit back in a zero gravity chair, relax, and breathe. The space is dark, calm, and oh-so-soothing – perfect for some straight-up cavernous time out. No ailment required.

Unplug Inside Montauk Salt Cave

Photo credit: Montauk Salt Cave

2. Get timeout at Chillhouse

149 Essex Street New York NY – 646 678 3501

Meet New York City’s first café-spa destination. Unplug from the craziness, and sip on a Golden Turmeric Latte whilst getting a massage or your gel nails done, in a blissed out urban space. Choose from an Instagram-approved catalog of psychedelic nail art, and massages with monikers like The Hangover Cure or Chill Pill. Sip on drinks made from signature powder blends like Give Me Life (cacao, ginger, honey, cayenne), Chill Me Out (lavender, butterfly pea, vanilla), and Spin My Wheels (black sesame tahini, honey). Prefer to relax with a retox? Beer, wine, and cocktails are also on offer, as are a bevy of healthy bites – all vegan and gluten-free, of course.

Chillhouse Instagram-approved nails

Photo credit: Chillhouse

3. Switch off and recharge at Woom

274 Bowery, 2nd Floor, New York, NY – 646 678 5092

Downtown’s Woom could be the futuristic lovechild of ancient eastern tradition and cutting edge technology. Combining yoga and meditation inside a neon-lit sound playroom, a 4D speaker system immerses yogis and chill-seekers in Burning Man-esque timeout. That’s followed by fresh elixir shots from its blissed out Supernatural Café. The Sound, Gong, and Yoga experiences on offer here are so transcendental, you’ll forget you’re in NYC altogether. Their cozy communal space mercifully eases the transition from uber-Zen to bustling Bowery. The café doubles as a herbal pharmacy so they’ll even whip you up a superfood potion to keep your wellbeing in check well after you’ve exited.

Woom Center

Photo credit: Woom Center

4. Get off-the-grid at Aire Ancient Baths

88 Franklin St, New York, NY – 646 878 6174

A subterranean retreat filled with aquatic delights awaits in hip TriBeCa. At Aire Ancient Baths, hundreds of candles guide the way underground to an elegant water world fusing soaking traditions from the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Arab empires. Indulge, at your own pace, in a deeply atmospheric thermal circuit through four pools at varying temps (hot, cold, warm, ice). Aire resides in a stunning 1800s building with exposed brick walls, Romanesque columns, and soaring exposed beam ceilings. It’s the perfect space to truly unplug, and puts the ancient ambience into overdrive. Combine the journey with a choice of rituals featuring massage, salt exfoliation – even wine baths. The cavernous setting is also home to a twice-weekly Flamenco Acoustic Concert experience that fills the space with acoustic guitar and Sufi flute.

Aire Ancient baths

Photo credit: Aire Ancient Baths

5. Hit Refresh at the The Aroma Salon

530 East 13th Street New York, NY – 917 310 7845

“Aromatic happy hour” at the New York Institute for Aromatherapy takes stressed out New Yorkers on a guided journey for the senses, designed to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. In a 60-minute session, you’ll sip on a refreshing infused water like saffron, lemon and coriander… taste and mist yourself with a curated selection of revitalizing hydrosols like peppermint and orange blossom…. and be led on a soothing journey through three featured essential oils, such as cooling white rose. You’ll not only emerge feeling fresher than ever and smelling divine, it’s the kind of happy hour your liver will thank you for.

The Aroma Salon

Photo credit: The Aroma Salon


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